Sunday, January 19, 2014

Rinkside Notes

No, I haven't given up on this blog. It's just that I'm spending more time in my car than I am at my desk.

I'm writing this in the observation area at one of the many hockey rinks where K's team plays. Her practices usually take place at ungodly early hours and her games interfere with family plans, but this weekend's activities are easy. Peter and I try to share the driving so K gets one-on-one time with each of us, so it's my turn today.

Hockey has benefitted K. She's a kinesthetic kid--she does her best learning by moving around--so skating two or three times a week helps balance out her sitting-still time at school. (We make sure she has physical activity almost every day for this reason.) Her team is mixed boy-girl, so she gets to continue seeing both boys and girls as potential friends. The girls she's meeting are like she is: unconcerned with preening or status; friendly and helpful. The intense workout of skating helps her sleep well. It may even be the cause of her change in dietary preferences. Formerly a simple-carbohydrate kid, she now chooses proteins and vegetables, and she voluntarily curtails her consumption of sweets. Her cute little body has become less padded and more muscled.

We don't know whether hockey is the reason, but she's suddenly able to focus better in school than she ever has. (I'll detail the kids' school progress in a forthcoming entry.) For the first time, she is not losing assignments, forgetting to study for tests, or forgetting the material she has studied. We were stunned last week when she brought home a score of 96% on a social studies test she'd prepared for all on her own: this never would have happened last year, or even before hockey season.

Well, practice is ending, so I'd better get down to the locker room. K will be pink cheeked and cheerful, peaceful as if she'd just had a yoga class.

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Shelley said...

So much of this post resonates with me... we, too, have seen our D turn some impressive developmental corners this year... what a treat to have him sometimes be the one reminding US about some future event!

And wrestling has been a huge plus in his life, from the caring attention of his male coaches to his ability to see discernible progress in connection with his dedicated practice.

Thanks for taking the time to reflect here.