Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thinking Like A Brother

I found one small pink sock on the floor of the garage. This is unusual. K loses two socks at a time, not one. (It's M who discards one at a time.)

Sticking to family protocol--noticing rather than nagging--I asked K why her sock was in the garage.

She explained, "M-- put a centipede in it and I'm waiting for it to crawl out."

I then asked M, "Why did you put a centipede in K--'s sock?"

He answered, "To annoy her."

Duh. Had not occurred to me. But then, I have never been a brother.


ccinnkeeper said...

You may never have been a brother, but if memory serves, you have one. Did he never do anything to annoy you?

Deborah Blicher said...

I do indeed have a little brother! But if he ever did anything deliberately to annoy me, I don't remember it. Still, I don't think I'll ask him. ;-)